Make Old Monk the National Drink

Now that the Independance Day is gone and we have all done our bit for the nation by tagging each other to India flags, let me make a point that is not jingoistic, but is of immense importance to national affairs.

Few months back, the Indian government announced that Tea is going to be made the National Drink of India.

What really happens when something is declared as National? The tiger is our national animal, and no one gives a fuck. Hockey is our national game, and has as much fan following as Tushar Kapoor. Does declaring something as ‘National’ give it some special status or benefits? If yes, why is hockey in a dilapidated condition? Why do we only talk about tigers when a telecom company reminds us how many of them are left?

Is there any purpose to declaring something as ‘National’? Or is it just a symbol? If it is, I have a sincere suggestion.

Make Old Monk the National Drink.

Before you make an ‘o’ of offence with your lips, here is my explanation as to why Old Monk truly deserves the title.


1. Not everyone has tea: Tea or chai is not a pan-Indian drink. People down south swear by coffee and there is no single standard of chai in our country. Also, in urban milieu, most youngsters frequent coffee shops, making the whole coffee shop culture a part of our lifestyle today. The humble chai has to face stiff competition from terrible tasting cousins like herbal tea, black tea, and masala tea. Where is the ubiquity?

The ubiquity lies with the smiling buddha sadhu.

Old Monk : Available Everywhere. Even in Heaven.


Throughout the country, in ramshackle wine spots, bootleggers’ pockets, the most expensive bars, the rooms of students attempting IAS Exams for the ninth time, the Research scholar frustrated with life, the rich and the poor, the Ramu and the Shamu, and the Seeta and the Neeta – Old Monk enjoys a loyal following throughout the country. McDowell’s Rum is there, but it will always be like Lakshmana – the best rum when Old Monk is not available.


2. Tea does nothing to you:Remember that film where the hero downs a cup of chai and rushes to face the bad guys all alone and beats them to pulp? Or that other film where the heroine offers the hero a cup of chai and then they sing a wild song in the rain?


Well, it’s for a reason. A chai is an everyday drink. You have it instinctively, without knowing it. And not once, but twice or thrice a day. It’s become such an integral part of lives, that there’s nothing celebratory about it anymore. Which defeats the purpose of a ‘National Drink’ anyway. I mean, then why not have the stray dog as the National Animal?

But look at Old Monk – Rain or shine, whether you passed or failed,whether the girl said ‘yes’, or filed an FIR against you – the square bottle of Old Monk just sits there, waiting for you to open the cap and the smell of sweet vanilla to waft into your senses.

Because of some guys in Boston in 1773, having a ‘Tea Party’ has different connotations. But say you’re having an Old Monk party, and look at the smile appear on the person’s face.


3. Old Monk is pucca desiTea has its origins in China. Imagine what Mamta Banerjee would say if we made something that originated in China, as India’s National Drink.

Plus, there are a thousand variants of tea today – herbal tea, soul tea, green tea, purple tea, and organic tea – half of them tasting worse than piss. (No, I didn’t taste it. My grandfather was Morarji Desai’s neighbour. Now fuck off!)

But anyway, the point is that tea has been had by people all over the world for centuries now. There’s nothing Indian about it. Also, if chai were to be declared the National drink, I could understand. But ‘tea’ as such, is quite vague – considering that we are the only country to have milk in our teas.

But Old Monk, my friend, is by Indians, of Indians, for Indians.

Owned by Mohan Meakin Pvt. Ltd, Old Monk is the third largest selling rum in the world, and India’s most exported liquor brand.


4. Old Monk doesn’t suck up to you: Unlike other brands,Old Monk doesn’t suck up to you with stupid surrogate ads asking you to make it large, with a stupid *Golf Accessories and Music CDs* written below it.

Old Monk has never had to do any advertising, and has consistently been the largest selling rum in the country for decades now. It has no cricketers, no film stars, no Bollywood villain endorsing it (like this video, where Amrish Puri unabashedly promotes Black Dog). It doesn’t need to buy an IPL team or a Formula 1 company. The owners don’t party on cruises and then not pay their staff for months.

It produces a product. People like it, they drink it. As simple as that.


5. Old Monk doesn’t want to change the country: Since the last two years, ‘change’ has been the buzzword. Without knowing what exactly we want to change, the whole country has been asking for change. The software engineer wants change because he saw a picture on Facebook about the crores of corruption, the middle aged want change because a spiritual guru demanded it, and the autowallahs ask for change because they hiked their rates by 3 rupees due to the petrol hike, even though they run on CNG.

Do you remember those Tata Tea ads that ask people to wake up? I found them stupid.

And with the kind of companies we have, you can imagine how mad the brands are going to go if chai is declared the national drink. I can imagine a Tata Tea Jaago Re campaign calling it the desh ka chai.

We don’t want anymore of that bull. Old Monk is just a drink, and professes to be no more than that.


And finally,

6. It is simply the best bloody drink around: Those who say they find Old Monk rough, and sip on vodka, are simply lying. Old Monk tastes better than all the vodkas of the world put together in a fridge with Katy Perry. Beer aficionados will beg to differ with me, but unless it’s Carlsberg, you are a little far from the truth.

Since its launch in 1954, Old Monk has remained the same. Vatted for seven years, and maintaining the same taste and bottle shape. In fact, there is a group called COMRADE – Council of Old Monk Rum Addicted Drinkers and Eccentrics.

So what is it about Old Monk that makes it different?

Is it the beautiful pirate bottle? Or the vanilla essence in the taste? Or is it the lack of any hangover in the morning the next day? I don’t know. May be its a combination of all the three, and more.

May be because it’s affordable. And when a few friends get together, Old Monk stands for a little fun, a little nostalgia, and some good time.

For all this and more, I propose that Old Monk be made the National Drink.

Hic !

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140 Responses to Make Old Monk the National Drink

  1. Ashish says:

    I disagree with the “katy perry” part… for some Old Monk is bcoz of katy perry…

  2. Spaceman Spiff says:

    I second your motion. Old Monk any day over vodka, beer or any other exotic drink. Old Monk has that sense of apnapan. That it\’s affordable just adds to its charm.

  3. Sai Manohar says:

    Dude dont mind..i couldnt resisit writting this (maybe i am a hotelier), OLD MONK is too good…but end of the day its a brand!!! Rum is the drink..OLD MONK is a brand…so if u are proposing rum to be our national drink….well…who the hell still with u..

    • heartranjan says:

      Valid point.

      But then, apart from Old Monk, the other rums pretty much suck, don;t they? I cant have McDowell’s, and the other ones are pretty unmentionable.

      But yes, simply making Rum the National Drink might not suffice. If it has to be, it has to be Old Monk.

      • Jay says:

        I a bsolutely second it. Even though Mcdowells named theirs Celebrations, there is nothing to celebrate about especially the hangover that it leaves you with the next day. Having had the good fortune of working outside india, i have travelled a bit and had to make do with Captain Morgan’s rum abroad whenever i had a fetish for balck rum. And beleive me, the captain doesnt come anywhere near our Monk. The monk reigns supreme, the captain is well, just a captain – a lowly officer. The monk is supreme isnt he ? The Captains too strong and smells of a spicy concoction – something like an ayurvedic kashayam, while the monk can be had raw, on the rocks, in the water or with cola – it gives a different experience each time.

      • Saket says:

        ya i agree with heartranjan :) (FYI i’m a HM graduate too)

  4. OLD MONK Rum is the king of all the drinks….may be the top socialites sip down on French Champagnes and the hungry Autowaala spending on the Deshi tharaa….but some day all the people in the social ladder merge and try one drink….thats OMR…The drink is truly a leveler and we need such a leveler now to bring equality in this riot stuck nation….This should be a National agenda now…and should be raised to our old Pranab Da in the Rashtrapati Bhavan..

  5. amazer says:

    Any alcohol is good; a true old monk won’t stoop to the extent of belittling others to establish his supremacy.

  6. Jay says:

    Brilliantly written Ranjan ! Your passion for the Monk flows through your words !

  7. mehtaworld says:

    Just do a survey and ask people how many of them have heard of “Old Monk” :D

  8. Sanil says:

    A’Monk all the rum in the world, Old Monk (Om) is the best, it liberates you, makes you ‘spiritually’ aware, hell, you can even chant ‘Om’ if you like. I’m a big fan of Om, enjoy it. aa’Rum se!

  9. You could have suggested lemonade. It’s more affordable, and more wholesome for a tropical country.

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  11. manu says:

    hahah..nicely done

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  13. Varad Gunjal says:

    this is bloody brilliant

  14. buzzSTOCKK says:

    pretty good read…….. nice done….

  15. SabyCty says:

    Ho ho ho & a bottle of rum – Old Monk Rum :-)

  16. Anand says:

    I don’t drink twa and have never had Old Monk. But damn if I’m not rooting for Old Monk to be the national drink after readin this!!!!!!

  17. Parama says:

    you are bloody brilliant. i love each and every post.

  18. Priti says:

    Well written. The post is definitely one of its kind.

  19. Mithil says:

    great post buddy. I was smiling through it. Gotta check that COMRADE thing…j

  20. Abhi says:

    //The tiger is our national animal, and no one gives a fuck. Hockey is our national game, and has as much fan following as Tushar Kapoor.// EPIC!

  21. First make water the national drink!

  22. Old says:

    Rate your Old Monk mix : 1) Old Monk plain with water or soda 2 ) Old Monk neat followed by a shot of thumps up 3 ) Old Monk with Thumps Up 3 ) Old Monk with Thumps up & Soda 4 ) Old Monk with Thumps Up and Water 5 ) Old Monk with Thumps Up ,Water and Soda .( Ice , Lemon wedges are allowed – no lemon slices ) There are no known ways of drinking Old Monk , any addition to this list will require certification of BSBA -Buddha Sadhu Bevde Association

  23. hey…my grandfather liked to say his blood group was “Old Monk +ve”

  24. Old Monkeshwara Ki Jai. Bangalore for sure cannot survive without Old Monk. Started drinking old when it was priced around 100/- for a bottle! Years later it still keeps me going strong.

  25. rishabh says:

    when life gets screwed, nd things get tragic, Drink OLD MONK its fuckin magic :)

  26. Puneet Sharma says:

    Our views matched right till the point you mentioned Carlsberg. Carlsberg? Really?

  27. dinesh says:

    Pretty good …………..

  28. Don't WannaTellOk says:

    Can I just say, “Pyar hua, ikaraar hua hain” is one example of a song following closely on the heels of a cup of tea…

    Also, to say that Old Monk is a brand name is like saying PC, xerox, kleenex or colgate is a brand name

  29. pratik says:

    humor exuberated..liked it

  30. Ben says:

    I fucking love you, man. This post is just brilliant. My favourite is Old Monk and Thums Up with a pinch of salt. Sadly, though, I just had a bout of Jaundice and I cannot touch alcohol for another year. It’s a sad state of affairs. But a meeting with the Monk after a year is bound to be bloody epic. :D

  31. Rhea says:

    eh bosss….u nailed it boy…for the last 7 years that;s what i have been drinking…every friday…saturday and excuses..and maybe once a weekday also if there is bnus mid week festival chutti..and yes, i have tried quite a lot of local rums around the country, delhi, chennai, banaglore, north east..but nothing..JUST NOTHING matches old monk..i mean they are not even close… sadly from the past one month Bangalore seems be out of stock .. I dunno what am i gonna do..But neways..thanks for the owsum post :)

    Ol old monk lovers bless you :)

    • Vaibhav says:

      Lovely blog this, anyone who has been thru college on a tight budget is bound to have had some great times bonding over OMR………..the drink for all reasons and seasons indeed :)

  32. Well written, it is the real democratic, the true socialist drink. Tea is drunk in different forms by different strata of society, elites drink imported ones, the nouveau rich drink green and other exotic ones and the Mango people drink the ordinary road side shop chaai. Old Monk is however drunk alike my all stratas. What BEVCO (Kerala States’s Beverages Corpororation) does for Kerala, bringing all stratas of society humbly in one socialist line in front of the liquor shop, Old Monk does for the whole of India. One India under the bottle, who knew that MK Gandhi’s ideal of a classless democratic society could be created , that too in such a Swadeshi way under a Rum brand!

  33. samareshbiswal says:

    superb post

  34. akhil sharma says:

    Perfect! Old Monk is the best brand name….not a pretender.Cheers!

  35. meenalsoaps says:

    Hahahaha! i completely agree! I am getting married today because of Old Monk! My fiancee actually got blown over (not literally, back then) when we went out for a drink (on our second meeting in an arranged marriage situation) and ordered for rum and coke (Yes! old monk!)

    Love it and will always! :)

    • heartranjan says:

      Congratulations! That story would warm the heart of the Monk.

      A bottle of Old Monk is vatted for seven years. Hope you too live together and vat many Old Monks!!

      And thanks for your comment.

  36. Raj says:

    I am big old monk fan ,nothing can beat its flavour. It tastes best with cola and tinge of lime. And gives you a good kick and next day morning it has no hangover. Sadly these day old monk is not available in Tasmac shops. I miss bangalore thinking about old monk.

    The best part was , when i had introduced old monk to some of my office guest from greece, they loved it so much that the next day they had filled there fridge with old monk.

    Make it a national drink and anyone selling duplicate old monk must be hanged to death or 25 years RI with no bail.

  37. Nick says:

    Tan ki Shakti.. maan ki shakti.. OLD MONK RUM.. :D :D :D .. So glad I read this blog.. Good Job heartranjan !!! Cheers!! Try Old Monk Shots- Tequila style… Sala tequila fail hai.. :D

  38. neha says:

    Though i don’t want but still I am convinced totally to declare Old Monk as national drink. Such an aesthetic conviction and now I’m all fascinated to have a sip.

  39. Vivek says:

    Old Monk definitely has a cult following. only 2nd best Rum I had is Captain Morgan Spiced Dark Rum that too only when I am out of India where Old Monk is not easily available.

  40. Monzu says:

    Just today, I was tryna convince my colleagues to have old monk… we had an argument. I turned upto google and i found your post. Such a nice portrayal of Buddhha Saadhuu… M totally an Old Monk lady:-)

  41. Gaurav says:

    old monk till i die… Buddha Baba. Respect!

  42. avinash says:

    Amazing Shit..

    Cheers to all Old Monk Lovers :D

  43. Desiboy says:

    Great story dude. I don’t live in India but never once has it happened that I am out of OM. Just fucking love the taste. Forget indian brands, no foreign brands of rum come even close. Dig your passion…Keep it up.

  44. Er…as a Bangalorean, can I have a large Khodays instead, without being branded anti-national?

    • heartranjan says:

      Yes, yes. Yoh can have. But you won’t find it outside Bangalore. So dont go about demanding it be made the National Drink. Else, I’ll unleash Pramod Muthalik on you.

  45. We, in Andhra, love to have tea, in general, and so, the generalization that down south prefer “kauphy” (slang for coffee) :P doesn’t hold good. Yes, you can try some comedy with regionalism. Many would “buy” the point.

    • heartranjan says:

      You in Andhra, my friend, do not represent the entire of South India. I was generalizing, yes. If you look at it from a generaliser’s point of view, may be you’ll agree more people down south consume coffee at home than in the north.

  46. Old Monk says:

    Thank You


  47. Aman Kahlon says:

    Brilliant write up Rajan. Old monk rocks!

  48. Raghav says:

    Old Monk is Golden.
    Amazingly written. Sign me up for such a campaign.

  49. Mohan says:

    OM – chant it religiously. I also used to like Old Cask (2nd choice) – tasted similar and easy on the body. Wonder if it is still around. Khoday’s XXX was the third to knock you off after a hard day’s work.

  50. Vasundhara Vedula says:

    You mean ‘IndependEnce Day’ :)

  51. joydeep22 says:

    I read it with a growing warm feeling in my heart….I need not write more …any Old Monk drinker would know what I am talking about.

  52. I will be purchasing Old Monk rum as soon as time permits. I expect to share your commission. Please advise as to status of incoming wire and/or PayPal transaction. Thank you and God Bless.

  53. Murthy says:

    Taking the argument that Old Monk to be declared the national drink, with the same logic of tiger and hockey as national animal and national game, it will be extinct or loose popularity completely. Either way it no good to make Old Monk a national drink unless one does not want to see it in the market.

  54. AyeBee says:

    3 cheers and more to this post of urs. can we make u a “national” icon ;)?

  55. DANIELA says:

    Lately, I didn’t give a lot of consideration to leaving feedback on weblog webpage posts and also have positioned responses even considerably much less.

  56. Zahnrad Fabrik says:

    “Thums up” to all ze old souls who drown in ze Old monk for ze likes of ze drink. I had it yezterzay wiz h20. Friendsch on Foreign Shoil remember ze old Monk and ze old dayz..Still thirshty for ze shame old tashte..

  57. V Ramaswamy says:

    Yes, thank you, you have reached a supporter. Long Live OM!

  58. Sriram says:

    Old Monk is soo good that when I went on a business trip to US, I traced Buddha Sadhu down in a brick and mortar store & served it to some of my amreekan colleagues. Buggers!!! They finished off all the 4 bottles that I had brought for myself. Ultimately, the scotch was left untouched.. When one of those firangs came down to India, he merrily walked into Holiday Inn’s bar and ordered an Old Monk. That was the day I knew that our own OM has broken borders.

    • Jay says:

      Indeed it has broken borders, in fact it deserves the status of an International drink. Probably lobby with the UN ! Just today i found a bottle of OM sitting proudly with other intl. labels in a wine store in Vallender, Germany and on quizzing the owner was told that it was a 1987 edition bottle. Cheers to OM !

  59. Akhil says:

    Old Monk is our National Drink. our hypocrite government may not make it so officially as they dont want to fall prey to those anti alcohol so called samaaj sudhaar NGOs.
    Everybody loves Old Monk, its Indian, and its officially the largest selling dark rum in the whole wide world. I love it you love it, the person readin this loves it.
    It already the drink of our nation.


  60. Я не критик. У тебя свой стиль, пиши еще. :)

  61. Blue Blood says:

    But but but …. rum makes me throw up. Even the Venerable Buddha Sadhu :(

    Vodka and gin and wine et al, bring all you may. But no rum for me… I am feeling the pangs of being left out even more now, more than I’ve felt all my life when my friends chug their Monk and coke. You make me sniffle, dear man.

  62. Kishan says:

    Agree and applaud most of the piece!

    The initial portion, the reference to Hockey’s and Tushar Kapoor’s fan following, epic.

    But honestly speaking, the “Jaago Re” campaign was actually a good one from my point of view, especially if you compare it with other tea brand campaigns like one where Saif says a couple of crappy lines and a pretty bimbo suddenly finds the tea she then consumes to act, much to our visual surprise, as an aphrodisiac.
    The one with the Voting (which you pointed out) and another with the line “Yeh log itna khaate hai, kyunki hum inhe khilate hai” referring to under-the-table transactions promoting corruption were actually the best ones in that campaign.

    But absolutely no refuting the core of the topic, Old Monk rules, it is every bit as good as you described it to be, in every single way! Nothing I could say more about it would add to how aptly you described.

    Truly well written, Cheers!

  63. Monil Suthar says:

    Dude….u rock !!!!…speechless

  64. Jidvish says:

    Fabulous, fabulous stuff.

  65. Ramit says:

    Hear, hear. Just to point out. Hockey is NOT our national game. We don’t have any, unless you call Congress-and-Modi-bashing the National game. It satisfies all the qualifiers, and never really gets old!

  66. Osho baba says:

    I had sex once with a fat girl after gulping down this elixir of life.

  67. Lasa says:

    Dude…best blog ever… From a diehard Old Monk fan… I salute you!

  68. Kanthu says:

    This post is just as good as Old Monk. :-)

  69. latika shukla says:

    its great .even indian army loves it.

  70. sasha says:

    salutes!!! :D <3

  71. S. Suchindranath Aiyer says:

    This is a very bad suggestion. Tea is best as the National Drink (Because I love Coffee, and I will get it everywhere when Tea dies out)

  72. daashutosh says:

    Man i love this article. After having lived, worked and travelled amonsgt numerous cirlces of all class, caste, region, religion and belief, i concur to every word you’ve written mate.

    Old monk deserves to be the national drink !!

  73. As a promoter of the Jhang Clan here in Hiranandani Estate , Thane.. we’ve had this one and many many amazing memories with it. As we say – Maaal Tejj !

  74. VeeKey says:

    \M/ OLD MONK \M/

  75. Siddharth Singh says:

    India Does not Have A National Sport a Supreme Court Enquiry Was Filed ….

  76. Uma says:

    My friends from Germany and Switzerland actually take back bottles of Old Monk with them (same way that we bring in imported wines or single malt Scotch)

  77. Amey says:

    Old Monk is my blood and I cant live without it. Good Stuff

  78. Ayush B says:

    Salute. An amazingly brilliant analogy. Elbow bending with the sagely Old Monk and paani … anytime, any place!

  79. Well your post is very interesting but is it real? I mean do you actually think that should be done? Your analogy, your justification, your thought process is diminished…! Don’t take me wrong..i am just giving a sincere feedback. You completely ignored the ethics and the cultural values India has reflected to the world. Making RUM as the national drink will give others a reason to laugh…because it show how insecure we will about our culture. There is nothing wrong with what you have said…but it doesn’t matches the global picture India has about itself. Today we lack behind because of people like you…{CITIZENS}. You are doing nothing new…you are also showing how lazy our government is…people on facebook and other social media…according to you also does the same thing right? You suggestion is interesting but not at all mature. i consider your suggestion same as making anna hazaare as the PM.

    • heartranjan says:

      Somebody give this guy a medal or something. Quick!

      • that’s it? and i thought you would try to prove me wrong…anyways gr8 job…and a nice post..!


        • heartranjan says:

          No, man.

          What I meant was that it was written in humour. Of course I wasn’t championing the cause, or lodged a PIL for it.

          Also, I ridiculed the concept of ‘National’ in the first para itself. It was just humour.

          • off course it was on the funny side…! But what i want to say is…what you have written is actually what many people think in India. So for that purpose alone i said what i said..! There are loads who think copying the western culture is something which can improve India. Do you get my point??

            • Ayush B says:

              @ murtazaalamshah….while I love my chotta pegs of Old Monk, I am not championing their cause in this rebuttal. Pray, how does suggesting (even in a lighter vein) that Spirit be made the National Drink of India become copying western culture? On the contrary I find this very democratic…look at the Ayes…they simply carpet bomb and out number the nays!! Cheers !

              • This is a very interesting article. But @murtazaalamshah means that its not in our culture to drink Alcohol. Before the British came to India there were no liquor shops in our country and nobody was unemployed. Introducing alcohol to the local population was their strategy to weaken our nation.
                This does not mean that I don’t drink. I drink because I feel the urge to, because I know its effect on my senses. I have learned that it will give a sense of relief from my problems, even if temporarily. This realization can cause addiction.
                The glamour attached to drinking attracts the young, and in the carelessness of youth one may drink without a measure, and keep drinking until they get that familiar feeling referred to in contemporary language as a ‘hit’. And their body, mind and personality get gradually corroded as the need for that ‘hit’ frequents. And in the long run dependence occurs.
                And its bad for our people from an evolutionary point too. In old days there was scarcity of clean drinking water in Europe. They didn’t know about infections or anything, but they discovered that by drinking alcohol instead of water they could avoid getting sick in the stomach. This led to becoming alcohol consumption a part of their culture, and over the centuries their bodies became more adapted to processing alcohol and dealing with its toxicity. But in Asia, clean drinking water was plentiful so our bodies are less adapted to deal with the by-products of alcohol digestion.

                • @ Doesent Matter …….. if you are concerned about the culture…. a gentle reminder… Indra used to drink MADIRA in heaven

                • GAUTAM J.P says:

                  There were toddy shops and arrack shops in India much before the British rule. Even drugs were plentiful. Read travel accounts of travellers and people from the 1700 nd 1800s like the one by Dr Edward Ives , arrack toddy and opium were part of the taxes collected by the kings. Agreed alcohol does have a lot of detrimental physical and psychological effects.

  80. Hockey is not The National Game of India ……. Check The Statement by Ministry of Sports …

  81. Siddharth Singh says:

    I Just Realized i Commented Twice in This Post WIthout Noticing … Fuck I am Addicted to this Blog …

  82. Heartwinning heartranjan..
    This is by far one of the best blogs I’ve read. #HAILBUDHASADHU

  83. chainandroid says:

    haha, then why don’t we make the stray dog the national animal of our country..

  84. choudharyhp says:

    Amazing thought process I am pretty sure that after drinking old monk only you would have written this because i can feel that oldmonk hangover in every line.

  85. Anurag Pant says:

    Take a bow sir!!!
    Your creativity is as fluid as the “Boodha Sadhu ” itself.The only difference being the hangover which this article ‘ll give me.Fabulous work!!

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  87. Deepak Sh says:

    Who hates Tata tea ads? I mean seriously, its one of the few things inspirational left on TV today. Maybe you hadn’t had your daily dose of Old Monk before you watched it. Only then it would have made sense to you!

  88. Awesome post man! Seems we share the same feelings about Old Monkey!! Keep up the good work! Hic, indeed!

  89. Shivam Tomar says:

    Reblogged this on A Vagabond Adventure and commented:
    Do we really need tea to be our National drink, lets vote it out i can bet the Monk will win this battle

  90. Old Monk will save the world, I dunno how…. but it will !!!!

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  93. I like the message of above mentioned Vagina Guru too.

  94. You have a new fan, you Old Monker.

  95. Alton Pinto says:

    A new old monk anthem check it out guys

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  99. ankitsw1 says:

    Nice article from political point of view. Well written. Completely agree with you.

  100. one of the best Rum i ever drink..(y)

  101. abhishekchoudharyar1 says:

    nice Article , Well Written

  102. Heartrajan, Any time you are around bombay, be my guest over OM and good old memories. Have been committed to it for over 50 years now.

    • SenGDoel says:

      You blogged our thoughts. Amazingly well written. This is one of the Indian drink that gets many expats hooked as well (i havent seen any otger Indian drink having the same effect).

      Cheers with a OM glass…

  103. I’m glad at least old monk does not have a tag line ” uche log, uchi pasand”, and if they have to, I wonder what tag line they would use?

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